Homosexuality and the Occult

I felt compelled to put in writing about homosexuality and the occult as a result of so many inside the arts justify the works. Personally, I don’t care which means one cares to swing or seize, as long as the item of efficiency just isn’t jeopardized! By this I’m not talking of the sexual efficiency, I’m talking of the religious ethics and stability inside the legal guidelines of occult.

Occult works is about power – and never sexuality until you are performing a private love spell. Inside the pillars of any ritual inside the occult one must name concerning the numerous parts, pillars of the four axis North/South/East/West for instance and lastly the feminine and male energies – the yin and yang. None of those has to do with the orientation you’re nevertheless, quite the power you challenge in an effort to hook up with the weather wanted for a profitable spell and or ritual.

Sexual orientation turns into null inside rituals requiring our bodies per se if a feminine or male must be current. The rationale behind it’s because a lesbian might have extra male qualities than feminine and a homosexual male have extra feminine qualities than that of a male. Subsequently, it’s best to determine energies quite than the sexes at face worth. I do know some teams to argue their case that homosexuality could also be important inside their group for numerous causes that is nice however the final god in you, your spirit is aware of no intercourse, solely your power, solely your soul. As your physique is of pure essence, your orientation and solely your power issues.

Blessed Connections,
Mona Magick